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Infusion Center Massage 102

Have you completed the ICM 101 program and are you finding it a challenge to “get your foot in the door”? We know what a challenge that can be and are developing the ICM 102 program to help you with exactly that. The goal of the ICM 102 program is to help you introduce, set up and operationalize a cancer center or hospital-based Infusion Center Massage program local to you. This program will be available in October 2024.

Join the ICM 102 program and learn how to

  • Navigate gatekeepers
  • Comply with hospital onboarding requirements
  • Develop an outreach plan
  • Write a program proposal
  • Set up a program budget
  • Develop funding strategies
  • Provide RN education and clinical staff inservice
  • Collect functional data from RN and patient program surveys
  • Track and report data to support program funding

Course type: Webinar
Course prerequisite:
ICM 101

Working in an infusion center setting is a very fulfilling career pathway. It is also an effective gateway to building practice-based patient care hours for therapists who may in the future want to transition into working with inpatient populations.

Would you like supervised ICM experience? Or mentorship support in starting up your ICM program? Then join the ICM Practicum or Internship Program.

ICM Practicum
2-Day supervised ICM Practicum offered in Newport Beach, CA, or Sacramento, CA. Work onsite in an infusion center, interact with clinical staff and provide hand/foot massage for patients while they receive their cancer treatment. 14CE/$700 Practicum prerequisite: ICM 101

ICM Internship
Would you like personalized remote-support setting up an Infusion Center Massage Pilot Program at a cancer center local to you? We would Love to help you with that. Class fee includes 8-hours individualized time with an ICM Lead Therapist to help you navigate the process of setting up your own pilot program. 50CE/$850 Internship prerequisite: ICM 101 and 102

ICM Mentorship
If you would like professional support and guidance with your ICM program setup but do not want to travel for class or commit to a large block of time, the Mentorship program is available for ICM course graduates. First 15-minutes complimentary at no charge after which standard rates apply. Mentorship prerequisite: ICM 101