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Oncology Esthetics Massage

S4OE onboarding program. Learn to modify your facial cleanse and massage for clients in or with a history of cancer treatment who already have or who are at risk of developing lymphedema. Lymphedema is a common side effect of cancer treatments including radiation, surgery and lymph node biopsy.


Oncology Esthetics and Skin Care

Learn about how the body's largest organ is affected by cancer treatments, and how to safely treat the skin side effects most frequently experienced by patients from the time of their initial diagnosis and throughout their cancer journey.


Infusion Center Massage 102

Are you struggling to operationalizing a hospital or cancer center based Infusion Center Massage program? Join us to learn how to navigate that process and how Greet The Day therapists have started this program in their communities, so that you can do the same.


Infusion Center Massage 101

The ICM Fundamentals 101 program will help you understand what you need to know to work as a team member in a hospital-based infusion center massage program and provide hand/foot massage for patients while they receive treatment.


ACA Clinical Implications

After Class Assessment (ACA) Clinical Implications. Program reserved for SPA Grads. Evaluate your understanding and knowledge with limited quiz retakes.


Clinical Implications

This 8CEU course is a prerequisite for the in person or live online Oncology Foundation program. Course work is required to be complete five days before the start of your online or in person Foundation program.