Improving quality of life for people affected by cancer through education and integrative oncology care

Integrative oncology care combines conventional and complementary therapies into a course of care that speaks to the whole person living with cancer: body, mind and spirit.

Our Purpose

Greet The Day oncology-trained massage therapists and estheticians work together with a multi-disciplinary team of social workers, nurses and physicians to improve the experience of cancer treatment and quality of life for people with cancer.

Our post-graduate professional education has helped advance the inclusion of integrative oncology care in spas, private practice and clinical centers world wide.

All Greet The Day education and patient programs are inclusive of massage therapists and estheticians.

Oncology Spa

Introduced in 2003, Greet The Day was the first program in the United States to establish oncology spa practice standards and during our first 10-years, we offered our monthly Spa program to more than 2,500 cancer center referred patients at seven Orange County, CA, spas.

We encourage spas to adopt uniform therapist education standards so that their clients in or with a cancer treatment history and the medical teams caring for them, can feel reassured when visiting or recommending spa-based wellness services. Learn more about why survivor safety practice standards at the spa are so important.

Hospital-Based Massage

In 2006 Greet The Day introduced the Infusion Center Massage program which at that time was an anomaly in cancer care.

Well received and warmly welcomed by clinicians and patients, the Infusion Center Massage program received awards from the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation in 2009, and from the University of Southern California’s Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center in 2014.

Oncology LCSW’s, nurses and physicians began to request massage for their hospitalized patients which led to the start of Greet The Day’s inpatient massage program in 2012.